Twitter censorship reports

These are reports created using More Speech, the Twitter censorship checker. Download it and check the replies to and from different users that were shadowbanned.

Click a link below to see tweets from that user's timeline and the replies to each of those tweets that were censored. The censored tweets are highlighted in red and purple. For instance, click the @mattgaetz link below to the tweets to him that were censored in several threads..

For a more detailed description of the reports and the application that produced them, see this post.. As discussed there, threads with over 190 replies or so show no hidden because Twitter doesn't show the hidden tweets at all; such threads will be deleted from more recent reports. See the first link on this page to download the application that produced these reports, for a related discussion, and for the source code of the application.

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DateHandleNumber replies censoredNotes
11/12/2019@hassanrouhani175President of Iran. 48% of the replies to him over 4 threads are hidden (not counting 1 thread with no hidden but with only 35% available). Note: this had the same misidentification problem and only that was corrected, see below.
11/11/2019@rrd_davao58Whether actually Rodrigo Duterte or not, people reply to him as if he was. 33% of the replies to him are hidden over 3 (older) threads.
11/11/2019@mayorofla19Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti. Few replies but a very high hidden ratio: 60% over 5 threads.
11/11/2019@medvedevrussiae82Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev. 42% hidden replies over 5 threads.
11/11/2019@daniilmedwed25Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev. 6% hidden replies over 5 threads (one of which only has 44% available). Why the @misterjonesmtl reply was declared 'AbusiveQuality' illustrates yet again how hugely flawed Twitter's algorithm is.
11/10/2019@mattgaetz19363% hidden on one thread, many from his opponents despite his false claims about what Twitter does. (Note: the report was originally misidentified as of gatewaypundit but that was changed; no other changes were made. That issue will be fixed in an upcoming version of the app.)
11/10/2019@target49Avg 21% hidden over 5 threads. Some of the censored tweets are customer complaints. Note that a tweet using the common phrase 'it won’t kill you' was declared 'AbusiveQuality' by Twitter's hugely flawed ranking algorithm.
11/05/2019@peteforamerica21634% avg censored over 5 threads
11/04/2019@marshablackburn175As before, high % hidden (both critics and supporters).
11/03/2019@parscale201As on previous pages, both liberals and conservatives replying to him are heavily censored.
11/03/2019@ajitpaifcc55On a recent tweet where he got many replies, his opponents are heavily censored. (Note: This report was created using v2.0.1a of the app. This and all later reports use the 2.0 version that works with 'New Twitter'.)
03/16/2019@parscale181Many censored replies. As before, many are from liberals despite his claims that conservatives are most heavily impacted by censorship.
03/16/2019@ajitpaifcc15Fewer replies than before but a high percent hidden as before.
11/12/2018@prisonplanet209Replies *from* him. He's the author of a petition only opposing Twitter censorship of 'alternative voices', not all those they censor.
11/12/2018@tedlieu53Replies *from* him.
09/23/2018@juliaangwin7mixed; she & 'The Markup' are funded by Craigslist to look into Big Tech
09/16/2018@iheartmindy48high % hidden. Most of the hidden are from her supporters, except on the thread where she complains about censorship
08/04/2018@anncoulter87high % hidden, many from her opponents
08/04/2018@liz_wheeler145high % hidden from both supporters and opponents
07/26/2018@mattgaetz145high % hidden, most from his opponents. He falsely claims Twitter mostly censors conservatives.
07/25/2018@realalexjones128high % hidden from both supporters and opponents
07/24/2018@prisonplanet175high % hidden from both supporters and opponents
07/16/2018@fcc19few replies, high % hidden
07/15/2018@target21few replies, some hidden. Note the different treatments of the @cam_and_geeg tweets. The hidden @asktarget tweet is probably because it was a reply to a hidden tweet.
07/13/2018@parscale130high % hidden; he's complained about Twitter censoring conservatives yet Twitter is censoring both his supporters and opponents
07/13/2018@diamondandsilk76mixed; most replying to them and censored are supporters; they testified to Congress about social media censorship
06/14/2018@kimdotcom63high % hidden
05/26/2018@stevekingia257high % hidden
05/25/2018@gopchairwoman248high % hidden; vast majority censored are liberals; she's complained about Twitter censoring conservatives
05/21/2018@statedeptspox70high % hidden
05/17/2018@stevedaines17few replies, many hidden; ACLU of MT contacted him about blocking users
05/17/2018@sendougjones28few replies; 14% & 24% hidden on pro-Net Neutrality tweets
05/15/2018@frankbruni5few replies, some hidden (a past tweet to him from a shadowbanned account wasn't censored; there had been no known previous interaction)
05/15/2018@willoremus39few replies, many hidden (he's a pro-censorship Slate blogger, author of Twitter Will Start Hiding Tweets That 'Detract From the Conversation'/The company is trying out a new way to stop trolls from ruining your mentions.)
05/15/2018@alexborstein8few replies, some hidden (a past tweet to her from a shadowbanned account wasn't censored; she had replied to a tweet from that account before)
05/09/2018@aclu31high % hidden, as before
05/02/2018@marshablackburn66high % hidden
04/28/2018@davidhogg11120replies *from* him (self-replies removed). 2 replies were anomalously elevated
04/28/2018@mileycyrus13>1500 replies
04/27/2018@repjerrynadler27high % hidden; compare his comments on social media censorship:
04/26/2018@narendramodi11 hidden in >1000 replies
04/25/2018@ajitpaifcc174few replies but one of highest % hidden
04/24/2018@benshapiro672 threads w/ >200 replies have none hidden; others have 12% to 36% hidden
04/24/2018@amnesty49few replies, high % hidden
04/24/2018@aclu36few replies, high % hidden
04/24/2018@nancypelosi70mixed; 8% & no hidden on threads with 202 replies
04/23/2018@jayrosen_nyu67high % hidden in some threads
04/23/2018@randpaul108~30% hidden on a couple of threads
04/23/2018@stevenmnuchin154high % are hidden
04/23/2018@dloesch94NRA; ~20% avg hidden
04/23/2018@mariogoetze16some hidden (in German)
04/23/2018@epascottpruitt161high % are hidden
04/23/2018@jessicavalenti60high % are hidden; many others who would replied have probably been blocked
04/23/2018@laurenduca5720% censored on an anti-censorship thread
04/23/2018@mesutozil10882almost no hidden in >800 replies
04/22/2018@gopleader70high % are hidden, but one thread has no hidden
04/22/2018@sentomcotton106high % are hidden
04/21/2018@jilliancyork2EFF; putting self-replies in hidden section will be fixed
04/19/2018@scottjenningsky3few replies
04/19/2018@cathmckenna65CA env. minister; high % are hidden
04/18/2018@jackkingston57high % hidden

Note: we aren't affiliated with any of those listed above and aren't endorsing or not endorsing any of those listed or any of the tweets to or from them. These are presented only as examples; feel free to post your own page similar to this one.

Note: Twitter seems to only show a maxiumum of around 200 tweets on reply pages, even when there were many more replies. That's reasonable to some extent: Twitter's HTML is full of so much unnecessary cruft that loading thousands of replies might crash someone's computer. It also saves requests to Twitter's servers.

It also gives Twitter some degree of deniability: they can point to the foregoing as their reason for not showing all replies.

Because of this, there's no way to get tweets that would have been hidden if the thread had had fewer replies. If a user's tweet isn't in the thread, that could be because it would have been hidden, but it could also be because it wasn't what Twitter considers a top tweet. The next version of the app will take this into account.

The next version of the app will also include a JSON summary in each report, making compiling pages like this easier.