CSS diff: how to find the differences in computed styles

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Let's say you've just upgraded a site from Drupal 6 to 7 or made some other upgrade, but the new version of the site doesn't look like the old. The HTML output is fundamentally the same, but the new version of the site looks funny. What do you do? One solution is to load the old and new sites in Firebug, and then compare the computed style tabs, element by element. If that doesn't work, here's a tip that will let you do a diff of the computed CSS styles for the two sites.

An API for the Web (from late 90's)

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[NOTE: This proposal was posted here some time in the late 90's (original URL: web.html).

Selenium WebDriver: getting Twitter handles using Bing

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The video below shows a Java program I wrote to convert names into Twitter handles. Given an array of names, it does a site:twitter.com [name] search in Bing for each name, and then looks up the search results on the Twitter mobile site. The location and bio information from each Twitter profile are written into a text file.

A hidden danger of trackback spam

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I've deleted a good amount of trackback spam from my Movable Type blogs, and until a few minutes ago I was feeling pretty good. But, there was one major thing I forgot, and I hope it hasn't done too much damage. I searched for a name at lonewacko.com using Google's site: command, and what I was looking for came up first.

How to use the Yahoo Maps API

Yahoo has released their competitor to the Google Maps API. I'm not familiar with the latter, but the main difference appears to be that Yahoo's maps can't be embedded in your own pages: the closest you can get is with the much-reviled frames. However, the popup windows shown on the map have links so you can direct people to one or more web pages at your site. You can see sample maps here. [NOTE: This page refers to the legacy Yahoo Maps API.

Mediawiki: remove nofollow tag for selected sites

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[SEE THE UPDATE BELOW] By default, Mediawiki (the software that powers Wikipedia and other sites) adds the evil nofollow tag to outbound links. This page describes how to have that tag removed for a pre-defined set of trusted sites.

Drupal tip: module, theme naming collisions

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I recently encountered an issue that may or may not be well known: apparently Drupal modules and themes can't have the same names. If they do, there will be at least one naming collision.

Uploading files at Powweb (Drupal image module)

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Drupal's image module failed when I tried to use it to upload images to a Drupal installation at a Powweb.com hosting account. After some digging and searching, it turns out that Powweb's base version of php.ini does not include setting the 'upload_tmp_dir' variable. Trying to set that using Drupal's settings.php or in .htaccess didn't work (discussion). Instead, I got the error described here.

Yahoo Pipes tutorial video

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Here's a very basic tutorial showing how to create two very basic Yahoo Pipes (pipes.yahoo.com). This isn't for programmers or those who've used similar visual programming systems before. However, those who aren't in that camp might find it interesting. The "script" is included in the extended entry.

The downsides of nofollow and a quick Firefox tip

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The "nofollow" tag is (supposedly) designed to foil blog spammers. You can create links with that tag like so: <a href="http://example.com" rel="nofollow">example.com</a>
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