Selenium WebDriver: getting Twitter handles using Bing


The video below shows a Java program I wrote to convert names into Twitter handles. Given an array of names, it does a [name] search in Bing for each name, and then looks up the search results on the Twitter mobile site.

The location and bio information from each Twitter profile are written into a text file.

JConfig vs. Java's Built-in Class Libraries


This document compares the capabilities of Java's built-in class libraries with the capabilities of JConfig.

JConfig is a Java class library that fills in the gaps in the core Java API: it lets you work with files, processes, file types and other system-level items in a much more advanced, Windows- and Mac-friendly manner than the built-in Java class libraries. Without sacrificing cross-platform portability.

Why 100% Pure Java is a Crock


[Note: this was written around 2000]

* It's anti-competitive
Let's say you're writing an application which needs to get a list of the user's hard drives.
Both JDK 1.2 and JConfig have methods for this.

-> If you use the JConfig method, your application will automatically become impure, because JConfig uses native code.
-> If you use the JDK 1.2 method, you will not have risked the purity of your app.

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