Drupal tip: module, theme naming collisions


I recently encountered an issue that may or may not be well known: apparently Drupal modules and themes can't have the same names. If they do, there will be at least one naming collision.

Uploading files at Powweb (Drupal image module)


Drupal's image module failed when I tried to use it to upload images to a Drupal installation at a Powweb.com hosting account.

After some digging and searching, it turns out that Powweb's base version of php.ini does not include setting the 'upload_tmp_dir' variable. Trying to set that using Drupal's settings.php or in .htaccess didn't work (discussion). Instead, I got the error described here.

Encrypting MySQL data in Drupal 6


The following is a Drupal 6 sample module showing how to encrypt a MySQL database column. Note that there are several cavaets:
1. This was only tested with 6.8; it might not work with other versions.
2. The sample table used only contains one row for simplicity; modifying the database code for your application is left up to you.
3. The secret key is saved in the module file; you will probably want to use a more secure method.
4. And, of course, ensuring that your MySQL installation and traffic are secure is up to you.

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