JConfig Java Class Library

[NOTE: JConfig is currently only available in this .zip file. If you want to use it, contact us first. It will soon be released as open source under the Apache license. Note that many of the features of the library have since been added to the standard Java API; if Sun had done that at the time Java might be in wider use on desktops. The following is the page as of 2007.]

What is it?

JConfig is a cross-platform library that supplements the core Java API and solves many programming tasks.

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Selenium WebDriver: getting Twitter handles using Bing

The video below shows a Java program I wrote to convert names into Twitter handles. Given an array of names, it does a [name] search in Bing for each name, and then looks up the search results on the Twitter mobile site.

The location and bio information from each Twitter profile are written into a text file.

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JConfig vs. Java's Built-in Class Libraries

This document compares the capabilities of Java's built-in class libraries with the capabilities of JConfig.

JConfig is a Java class library that fills in the gaps in the core Java API: it lets you work with files, processes, file types and other system-level items in a much more advanced, Windows- and Mac-friendly manner than the built-in Java class libraries. Without sacrificing cross-platform portability.

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Why 100% Pure Java is a Crock

[Note: this was written around 2000]

* It's anti-competitive
Let's say you're writing an application which needs to get a list of the user's hard drives.
Both JDK 1.2 and JConfig have methods for this.

-> If you use the JConfig method, your application will automatically become impure, because JConfig uses native code.
-> If you use the JDK 1.2 method, you will not have risked the purity of your app.

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